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SHARIFAH Briyani Gam



Best Choice for Travelling or Camping or Quick Office Lunch or Business Travelling. You Name it!

Soak / Boil the pouch with Hot Water or reheat open content in the microwave for 1-2 Minutes and your meals are ready!!

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Product Name  SHARIFAH Nasi Briyani Gam / SHARIFAH Biryani Gam
Category  Ready-To-Cook (RTC)
Weight  500g
Product Details  3-in-1 Malaysian Biryani Rice Gam Style
Primary Ingredients  Basmathi Rice, Biryani Gam Paste, Biryani Salt, Vegetable Ghee, Garlic and Raisin
Serving Pax  3 – 4 Person
Serving Mode  Best to serve while hot
No Added Substances  No Coloring & No Preservative
Allergen Advice  This product contains ghee.
Shelf Life  24 months from manufactured date
Storage  Store In Cool & Dry Place
Country of Origin  Malaysia
Certification  HALAL, ISO 22000:2005, GMP, HACCP & MESTI
Preparations  1. Rinse basmathi rice, soak for 20 minutes and drain.
 2. Add rice, 336ml water and Briyani Gam Paste into rice cooker. Stir it well and

let it cook.

 3. Boil chicken/beef/lamb with Briyani Gam paste until thoroughly cooked.
 4. Add the cooked chicken/beef/lamb together with the briyani rice.
 5. Add dried raisins, coriander leaves, cashew nuts and fried shallots with the

briyani rice as needed.

Suitable for  Travelers, Small Gatherings, Office Pantry and Daily Meals.
Weight .25 kg


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